Pollution Control, Monitoring and Environmental Management

Total Pump Solutions supplies an extensive range of market leading internationally recognised environmental management product supporting environmental control activity ranging from pollution control and recovery equipment to environmental monitoring and reporting equipment.

Water sampling equipment

(portable and dedicated) – Instruments, pumps and accessories

Soil sampling equipment

Tools and kits

Water level and pressure equipment


Water quality equipment

Measuring and monitoring

Air quality equipment

Measuring and monitoring

Geophysical equipment

Measuring subsurface geology

Water sample filtration

Filters and filter holders

Free phase remediation equipment

Skimmers for removing non-mixed petroleum from water

Total fluid and dissolved phase remediation equipment

For removing LNAPL, DNAPLE and dissolved product from water

Vapor phase remediation equipment

Removing subsurface organic vapors.

Environmental Scrubbers

Pumps for use in chemical and odour control processes

Neutralising equipment

dosing pumps for injecting neutralising agents

The following are some of the brands Total Pumps Solutions have available for your pollution control and environmental management requirements:

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