We have used the services of Total Pump Solutions since its inception in 1977 and have always found the team very easy to deal with.

Some of our plant operating conditions are not seen elsewhere in New Zealand and sorting problems has at times required significant lateral thought.

With their extensive knowledge in the pump and seal fields they have been able to assist us in overcoming some fairly significant operating issues and they have always been available to help with more general pump fault finding and reconditioning work.

John Blanch
Reliability Engineer

It’s not just the technical expertise that make the team at Total Pump Solutions great to work with, but been able to communicate in a manner that brings about solutions themselves and the customers are happy with.

Peter Macefield
Rolling Mills Utilities Mechanical Technician,



I have been working with Total Pump Solutions since 2004 during which time I have found them to be professional and responsive to our needs which are often at a moments notice.

Dealing with a supplier who has in depth knowledge of their product and can offer this without referral to a third party is paramount.

Communication is excellent and always professional.

Greg Dixon
Market Development & Engineering Services Manager
Food & Beverage Division
Ecolab Ltd