Seal Types And Ancillary



Seals and ancillary products eg flow control, for virtually any and all applications no matter how testing the operating requirements may be. For example some of the products offered are single cartridge, dual cartridge, welded bellows, specialty and split seals across a range of materials depending on the application.

Mechanical Seals

  • Single Cartridge Seals
  • Dual Cartridge Seals
  • Split Seals
  • Welded Bellows Seals
  • Component Seals
  • Specialty Seals


Packing for pumps and valves including injectable using latest chemical and fiber technology. Benefits include extended equip life, minimized heat generation and reduced water usage.


Only the highest quality available based on manufacturers continual research and development ensuring delivery of optimal sealing components.

Hermetic Bellows

Welded metal bellows assemblies for some of the most demanding applications from extremely toxic and corrosive to high pressure and/or temperature.

Flow Controls

Ensuring the optimum operating conditions for seals, increasing the longevity and reducing cost.

We are proud to offer the following brands of mechanical seals and ancillary systems: